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    Everything you need to know about Amazon Subscribe & Save...

    What is this Subscription Program?

    Subscribe & Save is Amazon's subscription program where once a month you can get a box of items of your choice for up to an extra 15% off Amazon's already low prices. Save on time, money, hassle and gas while keeping your household stocked up!

    Some benefits of using Subscribe & Save for Amazon Prime members include:

    • Discounts: You can save up to 15% on your subscribed items, and the more items you subscribe to, the higher the discount.
    • Convenience: You don't have to worry about running out of your frequently purchased items because they will be delivered to you automatically.
    • Flexibility: You can change or cancel your subscriptions at any time.
    • Free Shipping: Your subscribed items will be delivered to you with free shipping.
    • No commitment: You can skip a delivery or cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

    By using Subscribe & Save, you can save money on the things you need to buy regularly and also benefit from the convenience of automatic delivery.

    Can I cancel any time?

    Absolutely! Amazon will even send you an email up to 3 days before your order ships so you can cancel any renewing subscriptions if you'd like! My best tip to give yourself extra time to cancel is to select your subscription to ship every 6 months which means you will have 6 months to cancel.

    How do I cancel my Amazon Subscribe & Save subscriptions?

    Go to this page, select the item you want to cancel and click cancel subscription. I usually choose the option "this is too expensive" so it encourages Amazon to give us more low prices. :)

    When my Amazon subscription renews will it renew at the same price?

    Unfortunately no. As on this page I post a lot of Amazon's BEST Dubscribe & Save deals, usually with coupons which can only be used one time. Any future deliveries of your subscriptions after the first order will renew at the price it is at the time it would ship with any Subscribe & Save discounts. This is why it is so popular to delete subscriptions after they have shipped. It's recommended to set your subscription time to 6 months to give yourself the maximum time to cancel if your ordering habits are price based.

    My Subscribe & Save page isn't showing the prices I agreed to pay at checkout when I used an instant coupon! How do I know what they will actually bill me?

    Click into your orders and find the order you made for your Subscribe & Save item. You should find your discounts listed in the invoice for that order. As of present discounts are not shown on the Subscribe & Save page. You will never be charged more than what you agree to when you first order the item but future deliveries besides your first could possibly be extra.

    I will be on vacation soon, how do I move my Subscribe & Save order?

    To move your delivery date, head to the Subscribe & Save page and click "Change delivery date" - you may even be able to move your delivery date up so that you get your items faster! It is possible to get more than one Subscribe & Save box a month!

    There are many reasons to move or even skip a delivery. Maybe you're fully stocked up on everything or you will be away for a week somewhere sunny and don't want your delivery sitting on your porch.

    Is the Subscribe & Save discount the same for every item?

    Actually no. You need to look at the Subscribe & Save discount box before you checkout. If you have 5 or more items shipping within a month you will get the discount percentage on the right which could be 5%-20%, less than that will get you the discount on the left which could be 0%-5%.

    Can I save money by ordering 4 more Subscribe & Save items?

    Absolutely there are plenty of situations where buying one more item can make your total subscription discount higher than the total cost of that 5th item, saving you money.

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