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8 of the Most Useful Items to Own if You Are Moving Soon!

Move with ease with these time tested and highly reviewed items!
By Sarah Elizabeth | Updated Jun 27th, 2021
Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.
Moving can be such a hassle of co-ordination, keeping track of the items you need and protecting what you own. Here, we've looked at the most useful items to grab if you're moving that will give you an easier time with this exhausting task.
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    According to reviewers, these bags are strong, high volume and compress down to store away when you're not using them. If you're a college student you will move often for a while so these are super useful to own.
  • Modern Innovations
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    It might look like an item you'd find in your kitchen, but these are one of the most useful tools for moving. Wrap your chest of drawers so you don't need to take out all the items in the drawers, wrap that artwork that could see the corners damaged, wrap up that chair so the leg doesn't get scuffed! It only sticks to itself and doesn't damage what you own like tape might. 10/10 the most useful item when I moved.
  • IRIS USA, Inc.
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    These are my well kept secret. Unlike a cardboard box these are transparent so you can see where your items are, they don't get damaged by water, contain leaks well, don't break like cardboard boxes, stack neatly, hold their integrity and when you're eventually done with all your move you can sell them on marketplace/craigslist to re-coup some of the value.
  • enKo Products
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    Amazon has many kinds that will fit the place you're moving to. You can bet that you'll at least certainly want the fragile stickers for your decorative objects, lamps and delicate kitchenware.
  • DAT
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    You can pack the glasses away into a box with a fragile label, but unless they have a layer between them the glasses will bash into each other and shatter when the moving truck takes a turn. Get ahead of this and buy yourself some foam sheets.
  • Scotch Painter's Tape
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    There's a reason you can find painter's tape everywhere! It doesn't damage surfaces, peels right off and can be written on for when you need to create your own labels that won't damage anything they're stuck too. Hang notes on the wall for your move - otherwise how will the movers know what bedroom #2 is?
  • Duck
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    When foam sheets won't completely protect your items, bubble wrap will! This timeless protectant of fragile items isn't as expensive as you'd properly think and you can give a few sheets to the kids to keep them busy during the move.
  • Harper Trucks
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    Moving yourself? I can't vouch enough for this utility hand truck. Not only have I don't many of my own moves with mine, but it fits those stacked plastic crates nicely so you don't have to carry them yourself. It has allowed me to help multiple friends with their own moves and was very useful during the pandemic for quarterly BevMo runs. Suddenly it has reduced physical work by 90% - not bad for the price!

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