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Live alone? 6 Worthwhile Personal Safety Devices For Anyone Living Alone

Don't live alone without these safety gadgets!
By Sarah Elizabeth | Updated Jun 19th, 2021
Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.
Living alone can get worrisome when you hear things go bump in the night. These also make stellar gifts to anyone living alone to let them know how much you care for their personal safety. There's so many innovative devices these days that are easy to install, can be carried with you and don't do damage to your home. Here we've compiled a great list of items that will help anyone living alone feel safer.
  • AceMining
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    Measure your door lock before you buy to make sure it fits, but this one should fit most locks. Live in an apartment community? Maintenance probably has a key to your place, but in using this lock you will be completely secure at night. It comes with a travel pouch so you will also be able to use it at the next hotel you stay at.
  • Master Lock
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    These work on any door and can even be used to make sure your screen door can't be opened even when you leave it unlocked. No need to measure as this device is adjustable and comes with lots of amazing reviews from happy customers.
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    Great for home, travel, apartment or dorm and if anyone trips it by trying to get in the alarm will wake you up immediately as well as all your neighbors! No wiring needed, this nifty little device can also be used for travel and only needs a 9 volt battery.
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    Small, compact and packs a punch! Put it in your handbag, keep it by the door and it's 100% legal to use for self defense. Buy a few, hand some out to your friends - you never know when you will need to use it, hopefully you never will but it always feels safer to have pepper spray as an optional defense device when you live alone.
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    Who would grab your door at night to check it is unlocked? Hopefully no one, but in the cases that someone is checking for unlocked door this genius device will let you know someone is casing your door and sound the alarm. The price is pretty cheap too!
  • Google
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    Wire it up to have a view out of the window and you can set up alerts for when the camera sees something. Make sure if someone is lurking outside at night that you are aware. Create video clips to easily send to neighbors when you notice anything suspicious. The camera often pays for itself just in the stories of what you see on camera. Lots of reviews from happy customers too.

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