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8 of the Most Dangerous Items for Sale on Amazon!

Maybe you didn't think about it, but Amazon really does sell EVERYTHING and that means there's stuff for sale that's kind of out there!
By Sarah Elizabeth | Updated Apr 19th, 2023
Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.
Explosives, medication, lasers, weapons, drones - just because you haven't searched for it or been recommended it, does not mean these items are not sold! You can buy some dangerous stuff for just one click away. These items may be considered dangerous if used inappropriately.
  • American Heritage Industries
    shop now
    Don't you remember from Chemistry class how flammable this stuff is? It's just one click away on Amazon with Prime Shipping!
    shop now
    Don't point these at aircraft! While they're super fun to play with they're also pretty dangerous - make sure there are kept out of reach of any kids and never shine it in the eyes!
  • Kii
    shop now
    These may look super cool but you know someone has hurt themselves with these and while they're cool to look at maybe they're not too practical to own.
  • Zippo
    shop now
    Gosh I wouldn't want this sitting on my doorstep during a hot 109F day. I'd certainly need to make sure it was stored appropriately.
    shop now
    Own your own spotlight - if you are lucky enough to live at the top of a tall building this may be a fun buy for you! Overall I'd be careful of the power and the possibility for light polution!
    shop now
    Okay, they sell sparklers for weddings but did you know that 3 sparklers together are as powerful as a blow torch?
  • Sondiko
    shop now
    Gosh, this one is powerful! Use it for glazing desserts and also for powerfully lighting a lot of candles!
    shop now
    Yeah they're for self defense but you always hope that's the only way they will be used. Regardless, they're for sale on Amazon with just one click!

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