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5 of the Most Popular 2024 Board Games for Large Groups

Don't leave out any friends by getting games that only play up to 4!
By Sarah Elizabeth | Updated Jun 27th, 2021
Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.
Nothing is more fun right now that getting all your friends together in large groups to make memories together! These games teach problem solving skills, help build your technical ability and are just super fun overall.
  • Secret Hitler
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    Some might balk at the name, which is understandable, but this game's theme lets you know there are enemies among you. Playing up to 10 people, one of you will be the secret role of Hitler with up to 3 others as helpers. Can you discover who the secret bad guys are before Hitler is elected chancellor?
  • Bezier Games
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    Playing up to 20 people, this game lets at least 3 people know the secret word - one being The Werewolf, one The Seer and the last one The Mayor. People aggressively try to guess the word with The Seer trying to guide the questions in their secret role. At the end The Werewolf gets to try to guess The Seer or depending on outcome the group may kill The Werewolf. The name of the game is to guess well if you don't know, steer if you're The Seer and be suspicious if you're The Werewolf - makes for fun times!
  • Indie Boards and Cards
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    Up to 10 players can gather around the board taking on different roles. Don't let any of the missions fail by voting for enemies to join. But who is an enemy? That's the beauty of this game - the discussion on how and who might be making the deception occur. With a 30 min average play time per game this one is perfect to play at any occasion.
  • Monikers
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    Form two teams and enjoy this game of memory, acting out the cards and competing against your friends. Monikers supports teams of up to 16 and since there are only cards and not too many pieces this is good to play outside, at restaurants and in party environments.
  • Bezier Games
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    Up to 10 players will be assigned roles, all players will close their eyes and then the night phase will begin where certain players will open their eyes and take actions. What happened during the night will then be discussed with teams having to track down who the enemy players are. New dynamics occur all the time making this game constantly fascinating to play with new people.

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