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6 Useful Items for Bachelorette Parties that Will Make the Occasion Unforgettable!

Just a little but of forethought into the event and getting the right supplies can really make a difference!
By Sarah Elizabeth | Updated Apr 19th, 2023
Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.
It's time to toast your friend into the next stage of her life. You want to give her a wonderful bachelorette where she'll have some crazy amazing memories! Get some glam photos and party the night away with these additions to your celebrations!
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    The girls will know it is much easier to get a little tipsy without worrying so much about a hangover and party a bit more if you show that you're prepared for this.
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    I don't care how old you are - everyone loves glow sticks! They are cheap, they last the evening, everyone wants one, you can give them out on the dance floor and the make the photos pop just a little bit more than they would have!
  • Posh Setting
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    Get some Red Vines, Oreos, M&Ms and make a beautiful display for all the ladies to Instagram. Better yet, you won't get as much hangry behavior if everyone has a few options to nibble on between parties
  • Eternal Beauty
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    These will really frame those Instagrams nicely - hey the pictures are part of the process!
  • Gentlife
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    Co-ordinate with what the Bride wants! Black sash, white sash, pink sash - they're all going to look stunning with the right dress!
  • NewShun
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    The bride can frame photos of everyone with their matching sunnies right in front of her wedding photo - besties first!

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